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new year, “new mutants”

After the debacle that was Dark Phoenix, I thought that the X-Men film franchise as we know it was dead, but this looks really cool:

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a quick review of the sf/f movies of 2014

2014 IS ALMOST OUT THE DOOR, and I was fortunate enough to see quite a few science-fiction, fantasy, or superhero movies.  Here’s how I rank them: 5 Stars Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  “The man out of time” (as Loki … Continue reading

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5 reasons why superhero movies > superhero comics

Like many people, I started reading comic books as a kid, starting with Spider-Man and Metal Men, moving on to the Avengers and Fantastic Four before dropping the habit before high school.  I started back up in college with X-Men … Continue reading

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when the world was young: walt simonson and “thor”

The latest in a series about influences from my childhood   Thor: The Dark World opens today, and you can be sure that our family will rush to go see it.  We saw the first Thor movie and, of course, … Continue reading

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learning from “tropes vs. women”

I swear, I’m forever behind the curve on pop culture things.  I only realized how awesome Led Zeppelin was after they’d broken up.  I only saw maybe one or two episodes each of Cheers, Friends, and Seinfeld.  I started watching … Continue reading

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a super-missed opportunity

Despite mixed reviews, Man of Steel has successfully rebooted the series that was dead even before the “meh” Superman Returns.  The movie’s admirers have praised its innovations: the depictions of Krypton and the events leading to its destruction; the portrayal of … Continue reading

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back from balticon

I spent most of the weekend at Balticon 47, peddling copies of Dragontamer’s Daughters.  Many years ago, I used to hang out at the after-hours parties there, but I hadn’t been to the convention proper since about the year 7 BC (Before … Continue reading

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the real reason why the mandarin isn’t chinese…

I’m talking, of course, about Iron Man 3, which, of course, you’ve seen by now.  As a comic-book fan who collected Iron Man in the late ’80’s/early ’90’s (when John Byrne was writing and John Romita, Jr was drawing) and who had seen the two previous … Continue reading

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