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“onkle bill”

  Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the favorite holiday of a good friend of mine, probably the noblest and most generous man I have ever met, whom I lost over 15 years ago.  William Patrick Hughes was born in February … Continue reading

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my name is “kenton kilgore”

Despite what you might think, “Kenton Kilgore” is not a pen name: it’s real, and only two other people (that I know of) in the U.S. have it.  For the curious, here’s a link to more about my unusual name. … Continue reading

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with a careless memory

As I mentioned here, my current writing project has me going through old day planners, photo albums, school transcripts, tax records, etc. as I construct a timeline of significant events in my life.  And while for the most part it’s been pleasant … Continue reading

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cars i have owned and sometimes loved

A little while ago, I told you how I was going through old date planners (the books you buy at office supplies stores, not human beings who play matchmaker) and photo albums to remember and jot down bullet points about … Continue reading

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