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a tale of two dogs

In August of last year, we adopted a 150 lb. behemoth of a dog.  This, despite the fact that we already had three dogs (and three cats), and we live in a small house.  I will be the first to … Continue reading

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“cats and dogs living together!”

Many people who have enjoyed my novel Lost Dogs have asked for a book about cats. Well, I’m pleased to announce that my friend and fellow author Kia Heavey has recently published what you feline-lovers are looking for: Domino.   … Continue reading

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researching “ill”ness

One time, I was at a book signing, sitting next to my writer buddy Brent Lewis.  A lady came up, looked at the books we had available, and asked prices.  “How come that,” she said, pointing to Brent’s 120+ page … Continue reading

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undoing the evil of isis

It’s well into Lent, but you don’t have to be Catholic–or even Christian–to recognize and do something about evil.  No matter where you are in your spiritual life–or even if you don’t have one–I think we can all agree that … Continue reading

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i remember when rock was fun

Something’s been nagging at me while I’ve been writing my next novel, In Lonely Lands.  Alyx, the misfit 17-year old girl who is the protagonist, is a big fan of old-school hard rock, particularly bands from the 1980’s.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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