father’s day

The Sun set,

Throwing gold upon the fields,

Leaving stars and brilliant silence.


The Wind came suddenly,

Stealing dignity and hats,

Blowing leaves down

Streets in short bursts of

Unexpected violence.


And later came the Rain in a

Sudden rush of water,

Driving cats under porches and

Small folks to home.


The Wind and Rain stayed together,

Old friends

Oldest of friends




And I drove an old white truck

To the lake and watched

Lightning crawl across the sky

In the summer heat.


I thought of a Boy

With wheat-kissed hair.

I thought of you.

I thought of my son.

by Michael Riley and Kenton Thomas Kilgore

Kenton Kilgore is the author of Lost Dogs, the story of a German Shepherd and a Beagle-mix who survive the end of the human world, only to find that their struggles have just begun.  Kenton also wrote Dragontamer’s Daughters, a two-part young adult fantasy novel based on Navajo culture and belief.  With Patrick Eibel, he created Our Wild Place, a children’s book about the joy to be found in exploring Nature.  Follow Kenton on Facebook for daily posts on sci-fi, fantasy, and other speculative fiction. 

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