proposed cover art for “lost dogs”

Last Saturday, I had lunch with my friend James Arnold (who did the covers for Dragontamer’s Daughters Part 1 and Part 2) to catch up (it’s been a few years since we’ve seen each other) and to go over some ideas he has for the cover of Lost Dogs, my young adult sci-fi novel (coming in September) about a group of dogs who live through the end of their owners’ world.


Here’s the first proposed cover, depicting Buddy, the German Shepherd protagonist:


Let’s call this “Cover A”


This is a revised version from a printed sample that James showed at lunch.  The original was overlaid with lines of text like you’d find on “lost dog” posters on street corners, or ads you’d see in the newspaper: names and breeds of dogs, where they were last seen, whom to contact, etc, how much the families miss them, etc.


It was a terrific idea for a larger piece of art, but certainly wouldn’t be noticed in a smaller image like, say, on Amazon.  So when he got back to his place, James took out the text and e-mailed me the one you see above.


After seeing it, I had the idea that perhaps the cover could tie in with Kent Island, where the novel is set.  The icon of Kent Island is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and it figures in the beginning and end of the story.  I sent James a photo of the Bridge from the island, and he came up with:


“Cover B”




“Cover C”




“Cover D”


This last piece is the front and back cover, and, of course, there would be blurbs on the back.  I prefer the “Bay” ones, but am trying to decide which I like best.  Currently, I’m leaning towards “D.”  How about you?  If you have a preference, comment or e-mail me.


Kenton Kilgore is the author of DRAGONTAMER’S DAUGHTERS, a two-part young adult fantasy novel based on Navajo culture and belief.  Look for his next work, LOST DOGS, a young adult  sci-fi novel, coming this September.
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2 Responses to proposed cover art for “lost dogs”

  1. James Maas says:

    They are all good, but I would go with “D”, covering both front and back covers.

  2. Terry Thomas says:

    Love D with that scary bridge in the background sort of looks like a roller coaster…..