the last word on the navajo water project and dtd

Okay, now I’m just showing off.  This article ran in my local newspaper, The Bay Times, and in its sister, the Record Observer, as well as the Easton-based Star Democrat (parent paper of the other two). 



Since Day 1 of DTD’s release, the Bay Times and its affiliates have been very supportive, with reviews, notices about books signings, and this charity effort.  It’s a refreshing change from the indifference other, larger newspapers in the area have shown not only to me, but to other indie authors. 


So, “thank you” to the Bay Times et al, for their support, and thanks again to everyone who helped—either by buying books or spreading the word—about last month’s fundraising drive for the Navajo Water Project



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  1. Corey T. Morine says:

    Grats Kenton! Great idea and a wonderful way to work.