a sunny review for dtd 1

Barbara Ann at Sun Mountain Reviews gives Dragontamer’s Daughters Part 1: Pearl a “Good Read” rating:


Bella and Ali are very close, and they have their moments of bickering and conflicts typical of siblings.  They also serve as character foils to one another.  Bella is the oldest, takes her responsibilities very seriously, and her mood is often somber.  She doesn’t want to do anything to disappoint their mother.  In contrast, Ali is outgoing, gregarious, and tiny bit of  rebellious, even though her intentions are good.  Ali  embraces life and sees the good in everyone.  She is delightful, and she quickly stole my heart as she tends to and bonds with a tiny dragon, on the verge of death, which the family rescues following a deadly storm.


I am delighted that Barbara Ann understands the characters perfectly.  You can read her full review here.



Sun Mountain Reviews will also cover DTD Part 2: Stormcaller, and when that’s posted, I’ll provide a link here.  Or you could just follow the blog, which I’m sure Barbara Ann would appreciate.



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