so i got that goin’ for me, which is nice

Yesterday, I received some appreciation from the folks at, where anyone can read both Dragontamer’s Daughters books.



As I’ve mentioned before, Wattpad is a site where anyone can upload and/or download stories to read, for free.  Because anyone can put stories on Wattpad, quality varies, of course, but big-time writers like Margaret Atwood and Cory Doctorow have some of their stuff there.  Most of its users, I’m told, are teenagers who access it with their phones; while it doesn’t directly provide revenue to me, it was worth it for the exposure (seeing as how I write young adult fiction) to have DTD available there.


As of Saturday, November 16, 2013, DTD Part 1 has over 78,000 reads (in almost a year that it’s been on Wattpad); DTD Part 2 has over 1,200 reads (it’s been up since June 2013); and I have 4,859 followers.  This is not to say that 78K people have read all of DTD 1: a “read” is any time someone has viewed or downloaded any part of the book, be it the title page, the table of contents, or any of the 17 chapters.  The same goes for DTD 2.  Still, I’m proud of the attention that my story—which originally started as a fairy-tale for my daughters, when they were little—has garnered thus far.


So if you’re looking for something new and different to read, I recommend Wattpad.  To other authors, particularly those who write YA or other material for tweens and teens, I strongly encourage you to consider it for promoting and disseminating your work: here’s more about it.



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One Response to so i got that goin’ for me, which is nice

  1. Brent Lewis says:

    Very cool, great job. Will definitely check out Wattpad.