“lost dogs” on kent island

One of the things I’m enjoying about writing Lost Dogs, my work-in-progress sci-fi novel, is that it’s set on Kent Island, MD, where I live: actually, a good chunk of it takes place in my neighborhood.  So when I go on walks with my dogs, I see the places where my fictional dogs roam, meet other characters, and have their adventures and trials.  It makes me that much more eager to write, and I also pay more attention to my surroundings so I can bring more verisimilitude to the story.


So far, some of the places on Kent Island that I describe, mention, or allude to in Lost Dogs are (in no particular order):


  • The Bay Bridge (duh)
  • K-mart at Kent Landing
  • Victoria Way, Victoria Drive, Calvert Road, Irene Way, and Wallman Way in Bay City
  • Batt’s Neck Road and the dump
  • Cloverfields
  • Queen Anne’s County Bay Bridge Airport
  • Matapeake Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Romancoke Road (Rt 8 South)
  • Love Point Road (Rt 18 North)



Writing Lost Dogs has been much different from writing Dragontamer’s Daughters, where I had to describe canyons and cacti, buttes, arroyos, and other desert scenery.  You would think that writing LD would be much easier, but seeing as how it’s from the perspective of Buddy, a German Shepherd, sometimes it’s been much more difficult.  And because I live here and have had to tweak a couple things here and there, I inserted this statement at the beginning of the book:


Residents of Kent Island, MD will note that I have taken some artistic license in the depiction of certain sites.  For this, I beg their indulgence.  All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.  Any resemblance to real persons—or dogs—living or dead, is purely coincidental.


More about Lost Dogs some other time….



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2 Responses to “lost dogs” on kent island

  1. Vikki Brownley says:

    Love your writing! On another doggy note, our neighbor is a cop who had a K-9, Ben, as his partner. He is a Belgian Malanois. Ben is a bomb dog. A good one too, except that he became aggressive toward children and some adults and would bite. So he was sent out west somewhere to be retrained for 8 months. He failed. So our neighbor was given first dibs on adopting him. So Ben is back…about 20 lbs thinner and missing his tail! Don’t you wish that dogs could talk and tell you what happened? He’s coming along and still loves to jump in the patrol SUV thinking that he’s going to work. I’m so glad he’s back with a cop who truly loves him 🙂

  2. Poor Ben! I’m not sure if I want to know what happened to his tail. Coincidentally, there’s a dog (“Jake”) in my book who’s had his tail docked, and it definitely affects his interactions with the other dogs.