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i forget

I wrote the following piece in 2008, 9 years after my daughter was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC).  I am bringing it back because June 30 is Arthrogryposis Awareness Day.      A weird thing has happened to me.  I have … Continue reading

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I wrote the following piece in 2000, the year after my daughter was born, as a “Letter from the Editor” for a newsletter I worked on at the time.  The photos, except for the last one, are from that year, too.  When I … Continue reading

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not going “under the dome”

Stephen King’s books are like KISS records: loud, not very smart, but occasionally fun.  Also, the best ones were done 35 years ago.  So no, I did not watch the premiere of Under the Dome last night, nor do I intend to … Continue reading

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dream the crow black dream

Good heavens, has it really been 19 years since The Crow–with its kickass goth-metal/industrial soundtrack–flew into theatres?  Gloomy, dark, and violent, The Crow was like no “comic-book” movie before it, and the music still holds up well.  Stone Temple Pilot’s “Big Empty” was … Continue reading

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a super-missed opportunity

Despite mixed reviews, Man of Steel has successfully rebooted the series that was dead even before the “meh” Superman Returns.  The movie’s admirers have praised its innovations: the depictions of Krypton and the events leading to its destruction; the portrayal of … Continue reading

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a pair of belated birthdays

Various things have kept me too busy until now to note that June 1, 2012 was when I published Dragontamer’s Daughters, Part 1: Pearl and June 2 was DTD 2: Stormcaller.  Though there have been some things I wish had … Continue reading

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when the world was young: elric

The latest in a series about influences from my childhood   As I’ve probably mentioned elsewhere, as a child I was into science fiction, thanks to Star Wars and Star Trek.  As a teenager, I immersed myself in Advanced Dungeons … Continue reading

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why the aliens will kill us all

  Because this is what some of us do to “man’s best friend”.  (Warning: images and descriptions of animal abuse)   The issue is not how one feels about eating dogs: the choice of what animals are okay and not okay … Continue reading

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