to the boston marathon bomber

I can only assume that you are currently enjoying the results of your work.  Savor whatever pleasure the present gives you, because such moments of happiness will dwindle and die as you as wonder and worry when you will be found.  And you will be found, of course: you’re not as clever as you think you are, and our country’s best law-enforcement personnel—hundreds of experienced, highly-trained professionals—are relentlessly hunting you. 


Yes, relentlessly: do you imagine that at any point, they will ever stop looking for you?  No, they will not.  It might be today, it might be tomorrow, it might be next week, or in a month, or a year, or ten, but eventually, they will take you.  If you do not have the courage to die resisting them—courage being a quality you have demonstrated that you sorely lack—then you will be tried, convicted, and either be exterminated like the insect you are or—better still—simply locked in a box and forgotten. 


Others will attempt to guess your motive.  Were you driven by religious fervor?  The Supreme Being—whether you call him God or Yahweh or Allah or some other name—who made and loves us finds the blind slaughter of innocents repugnant: you will find no favor with Him, only with his Adversary.  Were you angry at our flawed society?  There are better ways to address the problems we share.  Were you wounded by people who should have cared more for you?  Robbing others of their loved ones does nothing to fix what yours broke within you.


Others may question your motive, but not me.  I won’t ponder what malformed thought process convinced you that building, placing, and detonating bombs was to be the apex of your life.  But know this: you are not what you imagine yourself to be.  You are not a revolutionary or a freedom fighter, not a faithful servant of the Supreme Being or one of his Adversary’s favored slaves.  You are not a comic-book superhero or a supervillain.  You are not even a monster: you’re only an amateur who knows enough to be dangerous to himself and others.  Yes, an amateur—and did I mention that the people pursuing you are professionals? 


Yes, I did, and yes, they are.  They will deal with you.  As for the rest of us, we will bury our dead, and tend our injured.  We will rehabilitate the maimed and repair the damage done to our streets and buildings.  Together, we will go to work and school, we will break bread and laugh and sing and love and run again under spring skies while you cower, very much alone, in the dark.


Yes, we will do all these things.  And know this, too: that despite the initial shock and panic you inflicted, you have failed.  Yes, failed.  You meant to kill and hurt and terrify, and in that, you had some small, initial, ultimately-meaningless success.  You see, our dead are with the Supreme Being, outside your reach, where you can do them no more harm.  Our hurts we will bandage and heal.  And as for fear—well, we are not afraid of you. 


And we never will be. 



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2 Responses to to the boston marathon bomber

  1. Vikki Brownley says:

    Wonderfully written and so, so true!

  2. Diane Bjorem says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    But I question, was it religious fervor? Was it another backwards thinking middle-easterner, angry toward Americans and their lack of morals and wild ways? Or was it a cowardly American who strategically place ticking bombs in large crowds, then ran far enough away to watch the horror from a slight distance, one who is angry with our President and the tax increases we have incurred while he makes a fat six-figure salary and jets away in Air Force One for luxurious vacations? Or maybe this American is bothered by the heinous amounts of money our government is dishing out to other countries when our country needs it equally as much? Maybe he thought April 15th, aka Tax Day, alongside of it being Patriot’s Day in Boston, would be the PERFECT day to stick it back to Mr. O? While it is horrific to think that an AMERICAN would do something like this to their own country, the stereotypical terrorist would have strapped that backpack on his own body and stood in the crowd at the STARTING line and given himself up in the horror as an act of honor.

    Sadly, after watching the hours and hours of news coverage, I’m thinking this may be the case, and the words that the press continue to use are, like you said, only pleasing this monster as he sits back in his dirty recliner watching the world scramble to make sense of it all. I, like everyone else, pray to God that this COWARD is found – ALIVE – so we can sit back in our recliners and watch him pay his price, American or foreigner. The entire thing is truly, completely, incomprehensible.

    And on a side note, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I am an avid fan. 🙂 Keep up the great work, KK!