Back from the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference

Yesterday (February 23), I attended my first Bay to Ocean Writers Conference, held at Chesapeake College.  I attended the following presentations:



As you can see, my focus was on learning how to better promote my books, and I learned a lot of things that I will be applying to my budding writing career, especially from Robert, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Authors Night book signing back in December.  It was also fun and informative to meet other writers and talk shop with them.  The organizers of the conference (the Eastern Shore Writers Association) had a great idea to stimulate lunchtime conversations: they set up little signs on tables about certain topics, such as “I want to talk about poetry,” or “I want to talk romance novels,” or “I’m overwhelmed by marketing” (guess which table I wound up at)?


I will certain attend next year’s conference, and probably join ESWA.  There was so much to learn that being there was grabbing the firehose with both hands and jamming it right down my gullet.


My only complaint (which had nothing to do with the conference) was that I started feeling poorly as the afternoon went on, very cold and fatigued.  By the time I got home, I was fit only to fall into bed, denying my poor dogs their usual evening walk.  Spewing from both ends ensued.  I’m better today, obviously.  My wife Joni had this stomach bug last week, so I must have picked it up from her.  Ah, well.




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