rooting for the raisins

If the posts on this forum are an accurate sample of the feelings of Pittsburgh Steeler fans everywhere, then I am among the minority of our tribe, as I’m hoping that the Baltimore Ravens prevail in Sunday’s Super Bowl.


No, I am not a closet Raisins fan, though I won’t hesitate to say that I respect them, as they (like the Steelers) play football the way it was meant to be played; i.e. smashmouth-style.  If you give me a few beers, I’ll admit that if the Ravens moved to another division (say, the AFC South, where they really ought to be, based on geography) I could even like them, despite their whiny coach and his tendency for throwing hissy fits, despite their ugly-ass uniforms, and despite that lame-o cartoony logo.




I mean, c’mon: it’s like Daffy Duck’s evil mutant cousin


For several years, I cultivated an active, seething hatred of all things Raisiny because of a horrible game-day experience (courtesy of a handful of drunks) that Joni and I endured at M&T Bank Stadium: the fact that the Stillers lost that game 27-0 was a lemon juice-and-salt shower on my wounds.  I have also had to suffer through the Ravens’ recent dominance over the Stillers in their regular-season meetings (though Charlie Batch beating the Bawlmer Birds in their nest this year was a sweet, sweet surprise).


Nevertheless, I am rooting for the Raisins in the Super Bowl this year.  I’m rooting for them because many of my co-workers, neighbors, brother Knights of Columbus, good friends (especially All-Around Awesome Guy Andy Becker), and even my mother (!) are Ravens fans.  Because they are happy–deliriously so–at how well their team, often snake-bitten in the playoffs, is doing.  At the risk of sounding sappy, seeing them so happy makes me happy–very happy.  Their happiness trumps all the bitterness and anger and hatred I’ve carried with me since that game in 2006 (and believe me, I do love carrying grudges).  Watching the AFC Championship as the Raisins beat Marcia Brady and the Cheatriots was like being at a birthday party: I knew I wasn’t getting any presents, but it was nice to see the “birthday boy” (my friend Andy) celebrate.  Besides, the cake and ice cream were fantastic.


So, go Ravens!  Win a ring for my friends on the Purple Side.  And next season, I’ll go back to hating despising disliking hoping the Raisins lose.



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One Response to rooting for the raisins

  1. Russ says:

    You just want them to win so that next year, when the Steelers beat them, they may reach a new level of humiliation!