more slow-motion DTD promotion

So today, the Kent Island Bay Times ran an article on last week’s Authors Night, and though the quote isn’t exactly what I said, it was close enough.  And at least this time, the photo makes me look like yes, I do actually have eyeballs (unlike the one that ran with my first article, where I was squinting into the sun as the photographer took the picture).  



Also, I verified that the copies of DTD that I submitted to the 2013 Annapolis Book Festival got to where they needed to be by the entry deadline.  On the webpage of the committee that chooses the authors who participate, it says that “self-published books are rarely selected,” but I’m hoping that the copies of the reviews and newspaper clippings that I sent along with persuade them.  Once again, it’s an uphill climb to get any attention for a self-published book, because so many of them are crap.  I’ll be pleasantly surprised if DTD makes the cut.


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m also considering participating in other promotions next year.  One I’m leaning towards is the Gaithersburg Book Festival, though before I commit (and send my $50 entry fee), I’d like to learn whether there’s enough attendance (and thus, potential sales) to justify a 120-mile round trip and a day of sitting outside.  The festival’s in mid-May, so if it’s not raining, the weather should be pleasant.  If it does rain, the festival will go on any way, but I can’t see a lot of people showing up and/or wanting to send a lot of time listening to my sales pitch.


One venue that I am most likely not going to hit in 2013 is Balticon, the annual sci-fi/fantasy convention that I’ve visited a few times before (mostly for the after-hours partying), in the distant dark ages BC (Before Children).  While Balticon attracts thousands of attendees, the fees to enroll in the dealers’ room (where vendors sell stuff to the masses) is a bit more steep than I’m comfortable paying right now, and it’s a four-day committment.  While I’m bouyed by the success I had at Authors Night, I don’t know if I’m ready and able to jump in with both feet into the deep end of the pool.  Currently, I’m thinking that I’ll hold off on Balticon until 2014, when I should have my next book, Lost Dogs,  a much more commercial work, available for sale alongside DTD.





Finally (for now, anyway), DTD Part 1: Pearl is up to 944 reads at Wattpad this morning.  I’m not sure how Wattpad counts “reads,” but I’m thinking (based on the counts for other works), that a “read” is any time someone downloads a portion of the book.  If I were to divide 944 by the 18 parts (table of contents and 17 chapters) that DTD 1 is split into, that’s at bare minimum 52 Wattpad visitors who have read all of DTD 1.  More likely, methinks, is that more than 52 have downloaded at least part of it, with some reading all of it and most not: some, no doubt, didn’t like it and gave up; some, I hope, are in the midst of reading it.  Still, I think 944 reads in less than a week of DTD being featured/recommended by Wattpad is good, and I’m very happy with its progress. 



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