Looking back at last week’s DTDness

I mentioned that last week was a big one for Dragontamer’s Daughters, with a lot of stuff going on.  So how did it all turn out?  In order of events….


  • On December 4, I promoted DTD (as hundreds of other self-published authors promoted their books) at the 2nd annual Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide, kindly hosted on the blog Whatever by sci-fi author John Scalzi.  I didn’t get a bump in sales, but it was worth a try, and it didn’t cost me anything to participate.  Thanks again to John for providing that venue, because he certainly didn’t have to.
  • Also on December 4, blogger Naomi Blackburn gushed about DTD Part 2: Stormcaller, and gave it 5 stars on her blog A Book and a Review.  Needless to say, that made me all kinds of happy, and thanks again to Naomi for taking the time to review my books.
  • On December 6, Wattpad recommended DTD Part 1: Pearl to its visitors, a great many of whom are teenagers.  Before Wattpad featured the book, it had received 25 reads; since then (as of this morning), it’s had 597.  Though that doesn’t directly bring me revenue (Wattpad is a free site), it nevertheless pleases me immensely, because though I’ll never turn down money, it wasn’t my motivator when writing DTD (if it had been, I would have titled it Teenage Zombie-Vampire Archers in Love).  Really, I just wanted the story read and enjoyed, and it seems that over at Wattpad, that’s what’s going on.
  • Finally, on December 7, I joined six other Eastern Shore writers for “Authors Night” at Bridges Restaurant in Grasonville, MD.  The book signing was very well-attended and was, I thought, a huge success.  I made a lot of sales, and got to meet and talk with a lot of very nice people, especially the other members of  “The Magnificent Seven,” as fellow writer (and my table-mate) Brent Lewis dubbed us.  “Authors Night” was the highlight of my week, and I would love for us to get back together again very soon.


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Bouyed by how successful (and fun!) Authors Night was, I entered DTD into the 2013 Annapolis Book Festival.  Hopefully, that’ll happen.  More about that another time.



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