cars i have owned and sometimes loved

A little while ago, I told you how I was going through old date planners (the books you buy at office supplies stores, not human beings who play matchmaker) and photo albums to remember and jot down bullet points about significant things that happened to me in each year of my life.  In addition to recalling people and events I had forgotten (“Meeting with Ferndock Creel on April 17”), I’ve been reminded of the cars I’ve owned. 


Most of them, anyway.  I’ve never bought a new car, so I’ve had a series of used cars, some of them hand-me-downs from my folks.  Some were great, some were awful, some I’ve forgotten entirely, and thus, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve owned.  If that sounds like I’m bragging about my wealth, I’m not.  Back in the Dark Ages of the ’80’s and ’90’s, I was broke-ass poor and anything I drove, regardless of make and model, was almost always an ancient POS that lasted a few years under my ownership before slowly dying.  


Still, I was fond of some of those cars, most of whom I nicknamed.  Cars like:


  • The Deathmobile.  My first car, a  two-door 1979 Pontiac Sunbird that my mother passed down to me.  Named after the car used at the end of Animal House to disrupt the homecoming parade.    
  • A 1986(?) Ford Mustang GT, a 5-speed stick that was a really nice, very quick car.  The Mustang went down the Memory Hole after a woman pulled out of a parking lot and T-boned me.  I wasn’t hurt, but the Mustang’s frame was bent.  And I had just filled up the tank!  All that gas gone to waste still honks me off.
  • The Great Gray Shark, a, 1899 Pontiac Gran Prix.  Oh, man, did I love this car, even if it was an automatic.  At the time, it was probably the widest vehicle I had ever owned, until…
  • The Big Red Moosey Truck, a 1995 Ford Explorer I bought off my folks.  The only SUV I’ve ever owned, we bought it shortly after Ally Jane was born, when we thought she might be in a wheelchair her whole life, and we’d need something to transport it in.  She didn’t need a chair, but we took the BRMT on a lot of family trips, especially to and from Pittsburgh and Dutch Wonderland.  A lot of good memories.   


The Great Gray Shark and the Big Red Moosey Truck. Both survived Hurricane Isabel, much to my surprise (and that of Champagne the Cat)


Currently, we own a 1997 Chevy Lumina (which is a great car), a 2005 Honda Civic, and, of course, the Black Widowmaker (though I’ve pretty much made up my mind to sell the bike).  Beth has a seemingly-indestructible 1989(!) Mercedes Benz that her grandparents gave her for her 16th birthday. 


How about you?



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One Response to cars i have owned and sometimes loved

  1. Lizzy says:

    My first car was a 1973 Pontiac Ventura…2 door fast back with a modified 355. It was a GREAT car…and FAST. (I actually outran a State trooper in it…but that’s another story). Then I had a series of POS cars…and then finally a real car that ran…a brand new 1996 Saturn. Now that car was totaled in an accident …I was driving, my brother and infant daughter in the car…no one was hurt….so I took the insurance money and got a 1997 Saturn just like like the other one. That one ran for 10 years and over 200K miles before it gave me any trouble. then I traded it in on a 2007 Saturn Ion….which I still have. I’ll tell you…when GM took over Saturn, they ruined it. The 2007 has been in the shop more often than the 2007 ever was. I also have a 2006 Saturn Vue…which is actually a really good little SUV. Next on the list? A Dodge Charger !!