future historians will note this as my “no-peanut butter” phase

One of the many, many odd things about me is that sometimes, for no reason I know of, I lose my appetite for a particular food.  As in, I don’t want to even look at, much less consume it.  And this aversion lasts for months or years.  No, this isn’t limited to liver or brussel sprouts or any other foods most people shun.  No, this is for stuff I’ve eaten and liked for many, many years.


Previously, it’s been ham.  Before that it was rye bread.  For about two years, I didn’t eat ice cream: not because it was too cold on my teeth, or gave me headaches, just because I didn’t have a taste for.  Turkey was off the menu for a while, which left plenty for the other folks at Thanksgiving get-togethers.  I’m still not feeling pork chops much, either. 


Lately, it’s been peanut butter.  Creamy or chunky, I don’t want it.  I’ve always liked peanut butter, liked the taste, liked how nutrious and healthy it is.  But now, you’d have to pay me to eat a peanut sandwich, with or without jelly.  A spoonful of peanut butter, like I used to eat when I was a kid?  Oh, god, I think I’d rather cheer for the Patriots.  I’m sure some time in the next few months, at most a year or so, I’ll go back to eating peanut butter, but for now:  nuh uh.


How about you?  Or is this temporarily “disliking-certain-foods-that-used-to-be-favorites” just me?


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