post-radio interview thoughts

So last night, I had an interview on ArtistFirst Radio for Dragontamer’s Daughters.  I feel like it went well, though I was a little nervous at first: I haven’t been on the radio in about 25 years or so, since I was a DJ at WMUC AM 65 at the University of Maryland.  But soon enough, I got warmed up and it went smoothly.  Some of the topics discussed were:


  • Auto-bio tidbits
  • A brief synopsis of DTD 
  • Creativity and writing fantasy literature
  • How and why I wrote DTD (including some discussion on the Navajo language)
  • DTD’s artwork
  • Going against the popular trends in young adult literature
  • Experiences with literary agents and traditional publishers
  • The difficulties of self-publishing and the future of publishing
  • Themes in DTD
  • Future writing projects


I would have preferred more questions about DTD’s story and its characters, and fewer about the publishing industry.  Sometimes, I felt like I had to steer the conversation back towards the book and away from tangents.   But overall, I enjoyed the experience and wouldn’t mind doing it again for my next book (which I need to get back to working on).  ArtistFirst will provide me a copy of the interview and I’ll post it on the front page of my site when I get it.     


Thanks to everyone who tuned it!  I hope you enjoyed it.


Edit: here’s a link to the interview.






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