dtd takes the eastern shore (well, a lot of it, anyways)

Here’s a reprint of the July 11 Kent Island Bay Times article on DTD that ran last week in the Star Democrat.  The Star Democrat is a daily paper published in Easton, MD, and it covers a good chunk of the Eastern Shore. 



I’m very happy and grateful that DTD has made it into all three local papers in my area.   Now, one could sneer that local newspapers will print anything, so it’s no big deal, but I don’t agree at all.  Promoting a self-published book has to start somewhere, and a local paper–or three–is an excellent start.  Next, I’m going to use these clips to try to get a DTD article in the Annapolis Capital, which has a circulation of 50,000.   


In related news, 127 people (so far) have entered to win free copies of DTD over at Goodreads, a preeminent book site, and I’m very happy about that, too.  My focus is on getting DTD out there and read, because I think it’s a good book: sales and royalties are nice, but not that important to me, as my day job treats me just fine, thanks. 


Speaking of sales, some folks have asked about how the book is selling, and I think it’s doing well for a self-published work that’s been out not even two months, with promotion only by word of mouth, social media, and local paper coverage.  Could sales be better?  Well, of course they could be better:  heck, even J.K. Rowling’s sales could be better, because it’s conceivable that someone, somewhere has not yet purchased a copy of any Harry Potter book.  But I’m happy with how the sales of DTD have been so far.  While every author would like their work to explode onto the bestseller lists, it’s important to remember 1) self-published book sales take a while to accumulate; 2) self-published books with tiny promotional budgets have an enormous hill to climb.


So far, so good.  I’ll keep climbing.



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