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Stray Cats

Nine lives. Nine worlds.

Coming in late 2020, this sequel to Lost Dogs follows the adventures of Pimmi across the Nine Realities

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Cats do have nine lives.

And they live them all at once

In this sequel to Lost Dogs, Pimmi is a beloved pet who loses her owners and her home when humankind is wiped out in a single summer afternoon. But in some of her lives on other worlds, Pimmi is:

…the stealthy cybernetic sidekick of the teenaged high-tech superheroine Alley Kat;

…the traveling companion to a hulking warrior shaman named Wolf, and a fugitive assassin-wizard known only as Scorpion;

…a feral on the home planet of the Fighting Tigers, troopers of the interstellar Raj Akash Ganga;

…a captive of the Kurindans, saurian monsters bent on the destruction of all reality.

As the marauding Kurindans storm the nine worlds, destroying and  killing, threatening Pimmi and everyone she knows, how can one small cat–even one with nine lives–prevail?

Pre-Order + Save Big Time!