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Hand-Selling Books

Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or something else, you can make money and win lifelong, hardcore fans by selling your books in person. There’s a lot to gain, but it’s more–much more–than just signing copies. So, how best to do it?

Author Kenton Kilgore walks you through every step of how to successfully hand-sell books, with lots of do’s and don’ts that he learned from extensive experience.

Among the aspects of hand-selling books that Kenton discusses are:

  • Picking the right venue;
  • What you’ll need to bring;
  • Pricing to make you the most money;
  • Setting up the display; and
  • His “One-Spoonful-At-A-Time” selling technique that you and your customers will be comfortable with.

Think you’re too shy to meet people and convince them to buy your books? Kenton shows you how to overcome that so you can easily engage with potential readers.

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