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a new look at “old man’s war”

In 2005, Tor Books published John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War, and almost overnight, Scalzi went from prominent blogger to bestselling author.  Though he had been writing professionally for many years (and earlier had self-published Agent to the Stars, an unrelated … Continue reading

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the only sci-fi anthology you need

I haven’t read science fiction in many years–to be honest, non-fiction has consumed what little reading time I have.  But the other night, I rediscovered, tucked behind some other books on my shelves, my copy of the first volume of … Continue reading

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these are a few of my favorite links

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite websites, ones I visit almost every day (if not every day).  I don’t mean sites like cnn.com, si.com, or noaa.gov (though I visit those, too).   I don’t mean immensely popular ones like Facebook … Continue reading

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