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On a cold, snowy day, I invite you to think of another time, not too long from now: August.  Kent Island.   Empty blue sky with a fine skiff of white way up high.   Heat that engulfs you, envelops … Continue reading

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with a careless memory

As I mentioned here, my current writing project has me going through old day planners, photo albums, school transcripts, tax records, etc. as I construct a timeline of significant events in my life.  And while for the most part it’s been pleasant … Continue reading

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you’ll never see my latest writing project…

…because you wouldn’t find it that interesting.  But it is to me, crucially so.  I’m not writing an autobiography, but I am compiling bulleted lists of significant events, by date, for each year I’ve lived.  Why?  Because as I get older (I’m in charging range of … Continue reading

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