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“justice league” vs. “thor”–who wins?

This past weekend, I saw Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok back-to-back.  So how did they compare?  Let’s take a look at several elements and see which movie did them better.   ***Some spoilers ahead*** Story.  JL is the DC Extended Universe’s … Continue reading

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5 reasons why superhero movies > superhero comics

Like many people, I started reading comic books as a kid, starting with Spider-Man and Metal Men, moving on to the Avengers and Fantastic Four before dropping the habit before high school.  I started back up in college with X-Men … Continue reading

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when the world was young: walt simonson and “thor”

The latest in a series about influences from my childhood   Thor: The Dark World opens today, and you can be sure that our family will rush to go see it.  We saw the first Thor movie and, of course, … Continue reading

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