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know your monsters! 13 terrors, and what they mean

It’s Halloween, so let’s talk monsters, a staple of horror films and fiction.  As a kid, I spent many a Saturday morning in front of the TV, slurping down cereal and watching such cerebral fare as Rodan, The Creature From … Continue reading

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making monsters meaningful, part 2

Previously, I had discussed what it is about monsters that (when done correctly), they frighten us.  And though you and I could sit here for hours and name numerous monsters from film, literature, myths, and legends, there are really only … Continue reading

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not going “under the dome”

Stephen King’s books are like KISS records: loud, not very smart, but occasionally fun.  Also, the best ones were done 35 years ago.  So no, I did not watch the premiere of Under the Dome last night, nor do I intend to … Continue reading

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