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Maybe I’ve known for a while, and I just didn’t want to come out and admit it. Because it’s insane, actually for-real insane. But it’s the only thing that makes sense.

I’m not on the Eastern Shore. I’m not in Maryland. I’m not even anywhere on Earth.

I’m somewhere else. And I’m alone.

* * * 

Alexandra “Alyx” Williams is a misfit: a 17-year Korean-American high school senior, new to Kent Island, MD, who doesn’t like school (except Art class), doesn’t like her family (except for the uncle she’s staying with), and doesn’t like being told what to do (Anger issues? You could say so).

But Alyx does like motorcycles, vintage hard rock, Vanilla Coke, and her boyfriend Sam, who’s a misfit in his own way. So, when a silver-eyed, shape-shifting witch attacks them and snatches Sam onto a ghostly train, Alyx follows, only to find herself in a nightmare world: an endless gray desert of lost things, places, and people, prowled by monsters never imagined by her—or you.

Struggling to survive, find Sam, and return home, Alyx endures horrors and heartbreak as she learns that the witch is but the slave of the ancient, inhuman being who rules this wasted land—and who craves to take Alyx and Sam for himself.

This Wasted Land, available in softcover and on Kindle




Two girls find a dragon like no other—and their lives will never be the same

In an alternate Old West, Isabella and Alijandra live exiled with their parents in the high desert. Years before, the girls’ father caught, tamed, and trained dragons for the Emperor’s armies, but now he is an outlaw, blamed for the deaths of thousands.

Finding a small dragon gravely injured after a fight, the girls take her home and begin tending her back to health. Alijandra calls the dragon “Pearl,” after her round white eyes. As time goes on and Pearl begins to heal, the family learns more about her and the strange and terrifying abilities she possesses.

But time is running out for them, their family, and for Pearl herself. Soon, they will be forced to contend with the native people on whose lands they live. With the ambitious governor whose soldiers hunt the girls’ father. With a man who has no name but wields immense, eerie powers. With Pearl’s yearning to fulfill the journey that accidentally brought her to the girls. And with their own dreams and wishes for a life they once lived—and might live again.

“A fantastic introduction to the world of fantasy…” –A Book and a Review

“Kilgore has taken great pains to develop the main characters within the family and all of them are well-rounded with distinct personalities…. The author has created strong female role models.” –Sun Mountain Reviews

“This is young fantasy at its best.” –Tome Tender

Dragontamer’s Daughters, available in softcover and on Kindle

This novel was originally published in two volumes as Dragontamer’s Daughters, Part 1: Pearl; and Dragontamer’s Daughters, Part 2: Stormcaller



When our world ends, their struggle begins

Buddy–a German Shepherd–and Sally–a Beagle mix–are the beloved pets of Rob and Gennifer Bennett and their young daughter, Audrey. Their home is Kent Island, Maryland: a beautiful, peaceful place, good for raising a family, good for having dogs.

When unearthly beings strike without warning or mercy against humankind, Buddy and Sally lose the ones they love and the lives they knew. Now they must band with other “lost dogs” to find food, water, shelter–and answers–without their owners.

But survival is not enough for Buddy: he he holds out hope that Rob, Genn, and Audrey live. And that he can find them before inhuman forces ensure that man is never again Earth’s master.

Lost Dogs, available in softcover and on Kindle

Read the first chapter here



OWPfrontcoverClimbing trees. Splashing in streams. Catching bugs and letting them go.

Picking flowers. Finding cool rocks. Listening to frogs and crickets. Watching birds and squirrels.

Beauty. Freedom. Joy. All just past the fence.

Exploring. Taking chances. Making believe. Having a secret place all your own.

This is what play was for us. This is what play can be for them.

Come to Our Wild Place.

Our Wild Place, a children’s book, is available in softcover and on Kindle



Latest kindle cover

Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or something else, you can make money and win lifelong, hardcore fans by selling your books in person. There’s a lot to gain, but it’s more–much more–than just signing copies. So, how best to do it?

In this book, I’ll walk you through every step of how to successfully hand-sell books, with lots of do’s and don’ts that I learned from extensive experience. Among the aspects that I discuss are: 

  • Picking the right venue;
  • What you’ll need to bring;
  • Pricing to make you the most money;
  • Setting up the display; and
  • My “One-Spoonful-At-A-Time” selling technique that you and your customers will be comfortable with.

Think you’re too shy to meet people and convince them to buy your books? I’ll show you how to overcome that so you can easily engage with potential readers. 

Don’t wait any longer: get Hand-Selling Books now and make your next book-signing a success!

Hand-Selling Books: Making Money and Winning Fans, a non-fiction guide for writers, is available in softcover and on Amazon. 

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