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not “going there” on politics

I like to discuss a range of topics on this blog: mostly fantasy and science-fiction, of course, as that’s what I read, what I watch, what I write.  But also book writing and publishing; superheroes and horror; people, influences, and … Continue reading

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sci-fi or fantasy? how about sci-fi AND fantasy?

There’s a long (but well-worth reading) post on the blog of sci-fi writer John C. Wright wherein Wright tackles the age-old question of what differentiates science fiction from fantasy.  It’s a thorny question, and not as easy to answer as … Continue reading

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caveat lector: “let the reader beware”

Normally, I eschew writing about, or even discussing, politics, but as I blog this (mid-September 2012), the quadrennial circus that is the American presidential campaign has cranked up the music, released the clowns, and is spinning itself into its frenzied, … Continue reading

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