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50 going on 15

Your life is like the clock at a football game: If you’re age 0-20, you’re in the first quarter; At 21-40 years old, you’re in the second quarter; Age 41-60 is the third quarter; 61-80 is the fourth quarter; and, … Continue reading

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here comes football!

And because I love the game so much, here’s an excerpt from This Wasted Land, my work-in-progress modern-fantasy/horror novel, about football.  Alyx, the 17-year old girl who narrates the book, asks her uncle about his former pro career. “Uncle Tony, … Continue reading

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“uh oh! guess what day it is?”

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rooting for the raisins

If the posts on this forum are an accurate sample of the feelings of Pittsburgh Steeler fans everywhere, then I am among the minority of our tribe, as I’m hoping that the Baltimore Ravens prevail in Sunday’s Super Bowl.   No, I am not … Continue reading

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