sorry, tswift: joan jett had the original “bad reputation”

No disrespect directed at Taylor Swift (of whom my daughter Ally is a huge fan) or her latest album, but if we’re talking about “reputations,” I have to bring it back to She Who Didn’t Give A Damn About Her Bad Reputation, Joan Jett, who has a documentary coming out this fall:

I saw Joan Jett perform as the opening act for Robert Plant several years ago, and when she did “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” it was volcanically hot.

Would it surprise you, then, to know that Alyx, the Feisty Teenage Heroine of my upcoming dark fantasy novel This Wasted Land, is not only a fan of Joan Jett (and 80s metal)?  As evidenced by this scene where she and her date Sam are dressed accordingly as they head out to an 80s-themed school dance:

“Mom, this is Alyx!”

“I didn’t know I was going to be meeting your mom,” I muttered, but then she swept in from the kitchen, a big woman, but not too fat, dark hair cut short, arms out for a hug.

“So nice to meet you!” she said, squeezing me. I’m not a huggy person at all. “I’m Brenda.” She pulled back. “Look at you! You look just like Joan Jett!”

“That was the idea, yeah.” And easy to come up with. My motorcycle boots, ripped up old jeans, a red t-shirt, black vinyl jacket. The front of my hair dyed red to match—it took a few tries to get the shade close enough. Lots of mascara and eyeliner.

“I was such a big fan! I saw her about five or six times in concert.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty cool.”

Matter of fact, the chapter that scene appears in is titled, “Do You Wanna Touch Me,” my favorite Joan Jett song:

This Wasted Land will be released October 15, and it’s gonna rock.  Don’t miss it.



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