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“dragontamer’s daughters” and the navajo water project

Back at the beginning of December, I announced that I would be donating 100% of my share of profits from my novel Dragontamer’s Daughters to the Navajo Water Project.  The NWP is an effort to bring running water to the … Continue reading

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selling e-books: what’s worked for me

A budding author I’m friends with asked me for some tips on selling electronic copies of books, so I’ll pass along what I’ve learned; consider this a companion piece to my post from last year about selling physical books at … Continue reading

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farewell, goblin king

I was shocked this morning to learn that David Bowie, one of my favorite singers, had passed away from cancer.  But tragic though that may be, why mention it here?  Because many of the younger visitors may have never heard … Continue reading

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“broken bird”: horror comes of age on black wings

Shiny trinkets for the nest. Never enough. Always want one more. Pretty pretty pretty. At the start of summer break from school, Becca is looking for fun with her friends, she’s becoming interested in boys, and she’s close with her … Continue reading

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