“lost dogs” on “papa’s world”

Queen Anne’s County TV, the local cable show where I live (in Scenic, Convenient-to-Nowhere, MD) has launched a new show, “Papa’s World,” (a reference to “Papa” Ernest Hemingway).  Every episode will feature an Eastern Shore writer, and I was chosen as the very first interview.  You can watch the whole thing below.



Thanks to Fred McNeil and QAC TV for having me, and to Brent Lewis for setting it up.


Kenton Kilgore is the author of Lost Dogs, the story of a German Shepherd and a Beagle-mix who survive the end of the human world, only to find that their struggles have just begun. Kenton also wrote Dragontamer’s Daughters, a two-part young adult fantasy novel based on Navajo culture and belief.  Follow Kenton on Facebook for daily posts on sci-fi, fantasy, and other speculative fiction. 

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