kickstarting “lost dogs”

Please swing by Kickstarter and take a look at the campaign I have running through September 10.  To help cover some of the start-up costs for Lost Dogs, my modern-day sci-fi novel about two dogs and the end of the world, I’m asking folks to donate $25.  And if you do, what would you get for that?


  • A signed softcover copy;
  • An electronic copy for reading on your Kindle or other device;
  • Your name listed as a sponsor in the afterword of the novel; and,
  • Your dog’s (dogs’) name(s) listed as a tribute to them.


If you’d like to help out, please do so right away, as the campaign only runs a short time.  Thanks!


Link to Lost Dogs Kickstarter.



Kenton Kilgore is the author of DRAGONTAMER’S DAUGHTERS, a two-part young adult fantasy novel based on Navajo culture and belief.  His next work, LOST DOGS, a young adult  sci-fi novel, will be published September 23.
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