5 stars (again) for “dtd part 1: pearl”

Eastern Shore author Paul Briggs (whose debut YA sci-fi novel, Locksmith’s Closet, is something you need to go read RIGHT NOW) reviewed Dragontamer’s Daughters, Part 1: Pearl, and has an extensive write-up on Goodreads.  He writes:


It’s hard to write a story about children with pet dragons that not only is original, but feels original.  Kenton Kilgore achieves this in Dragontamer’s Daughters, Part 1: Pearl, bringing the reader a new world to be immersed in and a reinvention of the concept of dragons…




The dragons are not so much monsters as embodiments of natural forces — earth, wind, rain, sun, fire, poison and so on.  Their forms, their powers and their appetites are extremely varied, and some of them have a capacity for mass destruction that would impress Godzilla.


Thanks, Paul!  I’m looking forward to what he has to say about DTD Part 2.




Kenton Kilgore is the author of DRAGONTAMER’S DAUGHTERS, a two-part young adult fantasy novel based on Navajo culture and belief.  Look for his next work, LOST DOGS, a young adult sci-fi novel, coming this summer.


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