the lights are coming on for some of the navajo

A few months ago, I learned that 40% of the homes on the Navajo reservation don’t have running water, so it shouldn’t have surprised me to learn today that about 15,000 homes don’t have electricity, either.  The water situation is starting to change, thanks in part to DIGDEEP, and 63 more homes will have electricity by the end of next year.


There’s been a lot in the news and on the Internet lately about the use of Native American images and motifs used by college and professional sports teams; it’s an issue that arouses a lot of passionate debate, and it never seems to go away.  I wish there was an equal amount of awareness and concern about the circumstances and daily lives of thousands of Native Americans, many of whom live in crushing poverty, without basic necessities like water and electricity.


Arguing online is easy: doing something and actually helping people requires a bit more.  If you’d like to help, I suggest you support DIGDEEP, the Navajo Relief Fund, and/or the National Relief Charities.  I donated in 2013, through sales of my novel, and I plan to do so again this year, too.  I hope you will as well.


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4 Responses to the lights are coming on for some of the navajo

  1. Sandra Hope says:

    Thank you for the post Kenton. There is so much help going out to third world countries; and yes, they need it. But little goes to Native Nations, like the Navajo, Sioux, etc who live in conditions most of us cannot even imagine. I’m looking forward to reading Dragontamer’s Daughters.

  2. Sandra, I try to avoid socio/political discussions on this blog, but I don’t think you have to subscribe to one ideology or another to believe that people who live in the United States should have access to power and running water for their homes.

  3. Billie Reiss says:

    It is too easy to turn a blind eye and conveniently ‘not know’ what is happening in our backyards.