lessons learned along the way (part 4)

This series talks about things I wish I had figured out a lot sooner than I did.  The first of the “lessons learned” concerned the care and feeding of you; the second consisted of suggestions on how to deal with other people; the third was about friendship and love.  Let’s do this one for the kids.


Remind yourself every day that your kids will be the ones to bury you, and you won’t go too far wrong.


Before that, they’ll probably pick out your nursing home.  You do not want the cheap one that always smells like pee.


The staff at the nursing home that smells like pee are really mean, too.


Too many people don’t look after their children.  When you have kids, then you have them.


TV and the other media will be happy to raise your children if you don’t make the time to, but you probably won’t be happy with the results.


TV and the other media tell your teenage girls that the worst thing they can be is fat, and that they should dress like hookers.


Eat dinner with your kids every night, or as often as you can.  You’d be surprised how much good it does.


Your family always comes first.  DUH!


No amount of money makes up for a crappy home life.


What your kids may think is important may not be important to you.  But you can at least acknowledge and respect that it’s important to them.


Just because someone is related to you doesn’t mean that you have to love them.  Or that they have to love you.


Don’t assume that because someone is related to you, you can get away with taking advantage of them.




Come back next Thursday, and we’ll wrap up this series by talking money and other stuff.


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