lessons learned along the way (part 1)


More and more, I wish that someone had sat me down many years ago and told me some of what I’m about to tell you.  If you’re my age or older, you probably already know most or all of these things.  But if you’re south of 40, you might want to make this (and the blog entries in this series) required reading.


To start off, I’ll focus on a subject I’m sure you’ll be very interested in: YOU.  Yes, you.



I almost titled this series Things I Learned the Hard Way, or Things I Learned After It Was Too Late, but fortunately, I’ve often managed to take my first piece of advice….


Learning from your mistakes is good.  Learning from others’ mistakes is even better.


Be good to yourself: you’re the only “you” you’ve got.


Paying attention to details is half of being smart.


Guilt and regret are not necessarily bad things.  If you don’t have them, maybe you didn’t pay much for your mistakes.


Just because you feel something very strongly doesn’t make it real, or make it right.


Making a choice based on fear is having no choice at all.


Sometimes, it’s best to say the second thing that comes to mind.  Or the third.


Or the fourth.


Anger, hate, and revenge ultimately hurt you the most.


Getting upset about the past is like spending money to try to fix something you threw out a long time ago.


When you were a child, your parents owed you love and support.  If you’re not a child, no one owes you anything anymore.


You are responsible for everything in your life.  You are not “to blame” for everything in your life, but you are “responsible.”  There is a difference.


No matter what you are going through, someone, somewhere has it worse than you (more about that here).


Just as you don’t expect others to be perfect, do not expect yourself to be perfect, either.  You could try to attain what you consider to be “perfection,” but what would that cost you?


There are 5 essential people in the world whose opinion of me matters: my mother, my wife, my two kids, and my best friend.  As long as those 5 people like me, I’m good: everyone after that is a bonus.  Who are the “essential people” in your life?


There are 300 sextillion stars in the universe, and yet God thinks you are more important than all of them put together.  What a magnificent creature you are.


Your life does not belong to you: it was loaned to you by God.


It’s good to be confident, but don’t believe your own press releases.


Most of the time, it’s actually not all about you.


Don’t be too hard on yourself.  There are plenty of people who will be happy to do that job for you.


Next time out, let’s talk about other people.  Shall we?


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