another 5 star review for “dragontamer’s daughters”

Ms. Kate (Cayt) Baynard, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at last year’s Balticon, thoroughly enjoyed Dragontamer’s Daughters Parts 1 (Pearl) and 2 (Stormcaller), and was kind enough to share her thoughts on Amazon.  She said Of DTD 1:


I bought this book, as well as Part 2, at Balticon last year.  I didn’t know much about it but I’ve always enjoyed dragons and young adult books so I gave it a go.  Much to my pleasant surprise, I really loved it!  The story was very well written and every character was realistic.  I am an only child so I’m not the best person to ask, but the relationship between the sisters seemed very authentic and loving.  The mother’s love for her children was also very evident.  Of course, the world was interesting and I’m really intrigued to continue reading to find out what secrets lie ahead.  And the dragons are unique and Pearl is adorable.


For myself I would give this book four stars but I’m giving it a five because I know I would have LOVED it when I was a kid.  There’s no way I wouldn’t have wanted to have my own Pearl at the end of the book.  I still kinda do.


Here’s what she thought of DTD 2:


The conclusion of the story started in Dragontamer’s Daughters, Part 1: Pearl is just as well written and enjoyable as the first half.  I continued to love the beautiful relationship between the sisters and their family members, as well as their growing friendship with the dragon Pearl.  Learning more about the origins of the Pearl and how she was connected to the back story of the world was interesting and I was not disappointed by the wrapping up of the family’s storyline.  This book as a whole is really enjoyable and is perfect for any young girl or boy who enjoys fantasy, though adults can certainly enjoy it too!


Thank you, Kate!  I’m glad you liked it.





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