this week’s sci-fi food fight

Sigh.  You know, I was going to blog about another of the big influences on my writing, but once again, current events in the speculative fiction realm have reared their ugly heads.


[warning: socio/political stuff ahead]


The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America are looking for a new editor for The Bulletin, their trade magazine, which has been on hiatus since last year, when Issue #200 had a “babe-in-chainmail-bikini” cover and two older male writers made some comments about the attractiveness of a female editor they used to work with (more about that here).  The job posting for the editor job has ruffled some feathers, with several prominent SF authors (from both ends of the political spectrum) signing a petition against what they see as censorship.


Last week’s slapfight was over depictions of women in sci-fi military stories.  Which came after the dust-up a few weeks ago about ending binary gender-defaults in sci-fi and some scathing pushback from big-time SF author Larry Correia.  Who then was called on it by fantasy writer Jim C. Hines.  And back and forth it went.


As Paul Simon said, “I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore.”  You want to know why?  Because this:




As I’ve said before (here and here), there’s big trouble in Big Publishing: just yesterday, my author friend Robert Bidinotto pointed out AGAIN how Barnes & Noble is circling ever lower down the toilet.  Meanwhile, there’s a new round of discussion every week about every issue EXCEPT the most pressing one.  That being, IMHO, the survival of sci-fi as a literary genre.


Not mind you, that I have much of a stake in it.  I’m a self-published newbie with no plans to go the traditional route or join SFWA.  It’s just sad, from the outside, to see all this happening.  And to realize that I preferred buying and reading sci-fi a lot more before I became involved in what goes on behind the scenes.


If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go find my copy of this, and revisit happier times:







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2 Responses to this week’s sci-fi food fight

  1. Patrick says:

    Yeah, feels very much like fiddling as Rome burns.

  2. This is not to say that some of the issues aren’t worthy of discussion. They are. But maybe we should be more worried about the fact that the ride is on fire and is falling out of the sky.