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music to exorcise to

Not a misspelling.   It’s Metallica, so of course it’s loud, it’s long, and it’s dark.   “Fixxxer,” from the 1997 album Reload.        

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another 5 star review for “dragontamer’s daughters”

Ms. Kate (Cayt) Baynard, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at last year’s Balticon, thoroughly enjoyed Dragontamer’s Daughters Parts 1 (Pearl) and 2 (Stormcaller), and was kind enough to share her thoughts on Amazon.  She said Of DTD 1: … Continue reading

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bay to ocean conference 2014

This past Saturday (February 22, 2014), I attended the 17th annual Bay to Ocean writers’ conference, held at Chesapeake College on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  The weather was surprisingly spring-like (I rode the Black Widowmaker to and fro), there were a … Continue reading

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how to speak dog: lesson #3

The third in a series to help you better communicate with your canine Friends.   Guten Tag!  Once again, we come together for another lesson on how to speak Dog (if you missed the first and second lessons, please review … Continue reading

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when the world was young: h.p. lovecraft

The latest in a series about influences from my childhood   When I tell you that author H.P. Lovecraft was a big influence on me, I imagine that hardcore horror-, sci-fi-, and fantasy fans reading this can only reply, “DUH!”  … Continue reading

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(possibly the) best love song ever

The other day, my wife mentioned to me that her Walking With Purpose Bible study group is discussing the Song of Songs.  In light of Valentine’s Day, she asked me what I thought was “the best love ever.”  Which to … Continue reading

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On a cold, snowy day, I invite you to think of another time, not too long from now: August.  Kent Island.   Empty blue sky with a fine skiff of white way up high.   Heat that engulfs you, envelops … Continue reading

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this week’s sci-fi food fight

Sigh.  You know, I was going to blog about another of the big influences on my writing, but once again, current events in the speculative fiction realm have reared their ugly heads.   [warning: socio/political stuff ahead]   The Science … Continue reading

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how to speak dog: lesson #2

The second in a series to help you better communicate with your canine Friends.   ¡Hola!  I take it you’ve read the introduction and taken the first lesson in this series?  If not, go do that now: the rest of … Continue reading

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these will be some kickass sequels

Here are a few of the upcoming movies I’m looking forward to seeing, presented with some commentary and possible spoilers.     Not a “summer” movie, seeing as how it opens at the beginning of April, but who cares?  This … Continue reading

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