$500+ to the navajo water project

Earlier this month, I pledged that I would donate 100% of my profits from sales of Dragontamer’s Daughters in December to the Navajo Water Project, a non-profit endeavor led by DIGDEEP to provide water to a portion of the Navajo reservation.  My effort was noticed by George McGraw, founder of DIGDEEP (who sent a very nice e-mail, thanking me), and was picked up by my local newspaper.





The public responded, and I am very pleased to announce that as of December 31, I will be donating $506.13.  Not too shabby, methinks, for a self-published novel from an unknown author.


My thanks to the newspapers Kent Island Bay Times and the Record Observer; my Facebook friends who helped spread the word; authors Larry Correia, Rysa Walker, and Michael Z. Williamson for passing along the message; and, of course, those who bought the books.



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