“heck with the malls!”

I mean, really, who needs the nonsense of attempting to shop at some tacky, loud, cathedral of crass hyper-commerce, jammed with shopping-zombies?  Assuming, that is, one can even find a parking space in the same ZIP code.  Not when you can enjoy a much more civilized alternative…


…such as, say, the 17th annual “Heck With the Malls” event, sponsored by the Queen Anne’s County Arts Council!  


When?  This Saturday, December 7, from 10 am to 2 pm.   


Where?  At the Centre of the Arts at 206 South Commerce Street in Centreville, MD.  And at St. Paul’s Church nearby.


What?  Regional artists and crafters with original creations, most handmade: jewelry, ceramics, sculptures, soaps, candles, tree ornaments, wreaths.  I’ll be there, too, with signed copies of Dragontamer’s Daughters.


Why?  Because in addition to skipping the mall-zombiefest, you’ll find unique gifts in a stress-free setting, all the while supporting local artists instead of impersonal corporations.  Plus you can enjoy refreshments while you leisurely shop. 


Doesn’t that sound better?  Of course it does.  My little friend Pookins thinks so, too.


  Does that look like the face of someone who would steer you wrong? 


I hope to see you there! 


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