From the mid-1980’s to the early 1990’s, I revived my childhood passion for comic-book collecting, and my favorites were, as you might expect, the various X-Men titles.  I’ve seen all the movies (even that sucktastic one), and I’m looking forward to Days of Future Past.


As I’m also a gaming geek (shocker!), I ran a Marvel Super Heroes campaign based around the X-Men for several years.


Comics x Role Playing Game = ∞ Geekery (source)


But even Mega-Fan Me back then would have admitted that there were many, many X-characters who were very, very lame (and as time went on, more and more of them appeared).  So I find comedian Pete Holmes’Ex–Men” video series to be TDF: Too Damn Funny!


The premise of each bit is that X-Men founder and leader Professor X is reviewing his team and firing the ones he finds lacking.  Let’s start with Jubilee, a character I hated with a passion that unnerved my therapist.  And I’ll warn you right now that each video bit uses foul language….




And then there’s Angel, whom I never liked until he became the moy-badass Archangel (usually, I think the whole “dark-and-gritty” treatment to comic-book characters is trite, but it definitely improved this guy):



And Iceman, like Angel, another original X-Man:




That 90’s pretty-boy douche Gambit:



Not even fan-favorite Wolverine escapes Holmes’ scathing treatment:



You can find more of Holmes’ videos here.  If he needs candidates for future episodes, I suggest Bishop or Cypher or Dazzler or…



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