need gifts for girls? try “dragontamer’s daughters”

To follow up on yesterday’s message that books make great gifts for the holidays, let me shamelessly remind one and all that I have a wellreviewed two-part young adult fantasy novel, Dragontamer’s Daughters, available on Amazon in softcover and Kindle here and here (it’s also available for Nook and iPad here and here). 


DTD is intended for middle-school girls, but boys, older teens, and adults have told me that they enjoyed it, too.



DTD is not your typical YA fantasy story: no vampires, no zombies, no wizards.  The dragons are not your usual fire-breathing, dumb beasts that lie around on treasure.  Its characters —many of the them female, many of them drawn from Hispanic or Navajo culture—are complex and well-defined.


The novel’s themes are that people and situations are almost always more than what they first appear to be; that the people we love can be terribly flawed and yet capable of great good; that change is inevitable, but love and friendship can be eternal.


Here’s what prominent blogger Naomi Blackburn of A Book and a Review had to say about DTD Part 1:


What a wonderfully CLEAN read this book was!  This book would be a fantastic introduction to the world of fantasy or dystopian literature for the young reader.  I found the novel to be fast paced with likeable characters that a pre-teen or early teen could identify with.


…and DTD Part 2:


This author has done such a light, inviting and fun storyline with wonderful characters and supporting scenery which is done so vividly to encourage children to use their imaginations.  In my humble opinion, this has been so lacking in contemporary literature targeted towards our youth and it was just what made my heart sing in reading this series.


You can find more DTD reviews and features here.



Video made at; thanks to Laura Ambler and Brent Lewis for telling me about it!


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