learning social media, and upcoming events

For the past few months, I’ve been getting together with Brent Lewis and some fellow writers to research and teach each other about social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.  We’ve been meeting for about an hour or every four-six weeks.  I met Brent at last Christmas’ book signing, and we hit it off.  Because of him and the others, I learned about the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference and the Eastern Shore Writers Association, both of which have been tremendously helpful.


But I digress.  We’ve been doing our homework on social media, and we’ve all learned a great deal.  I’ve been specializing in Google + (you can see my profile here), and I’ve really come to like it: it does for me what I wanted Twitter to do.  Highly recommended!  Thanks to the group, I’ve also learned about Pinterest’s massive potential, and though my guy friends might snicker, I’ve asked my older daughter Beth to show me how that’s done.


On a different note, I had signed up to participate at the Baltimore Book Festival this year, but could make it due to a scheduling conflict on my part.  Morgan Davis at the Festival tried very hard to accommodate me, but by the time I learned of the schedule conflict, there was nothing to be done.  Hopefully, I can make to the festival next year, with copies of DTD and Lost Dogs to peddle.


However, I have applied to participate in Centreville, MD’s annual Heck With the Malls, and Brent is lining up more Christmas book signings.  And I’ve signed up for next February’s Bay to Ocean conference.  More about those as they get closer. 


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One Response to learning social media, and upcoming events

  1. Brent Lewis says:

    December is going to be fun. Authors galore. Plus I think the BTO registration opened today. Anybody interested in writing, from the ‘never tried’ to the ‘old pro’, should sign up quick, because it sells out fast.