a pair of belated birthdays

Various things have kept me too busy until now to note that June 1, 2012 was when I published Dragontamer’s Daughters, Part 1: Pearl and June 2 was DTD 2: Stormcaller.  Though there have been some things I wish had known ahead of time, or had gone better, overall, I’m very pleased I decided to get off the “query-go-round” of traditional publishing and used Amazon’s Createspace to put out the story myself.



In the past year, I’ve had better-than-average sales for a self-published book from a first-time author: not spectacular (I won’t be quitting the day job any time soon), but not bad.  I got to meet several other Eastern Shore writers (who are all very nice, very smart peoples), and learned quite a bit at a writers conference.  I donated some profits to charity, did an Internet radio interview, had a great time meeting people at Balticon, and got to talk to kids at my daughter’s middle school about being an author.  Also:


  • Blogger Naomi Blackburn favorably reviewed DTD here and here;
  • The Tome Tender blog favorably reviewed DTD here and here; more reviews are in progress.
  • DTD and I were spotlighted on JeanzBookReadNReview here and here;
  • DTD was featured in the Kent Island Bay Times and other local newspapers;
  • Since September 2012, DTD 1 has racked up over 25,000 reads on Wattpad.com (to date), and just the other day, I posted DTD 2 there; and,
  • DTD 1 and 2 have accumulated favorable reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.


The vast majority of the people who have told me (in person or by the Internet) they’ve read DTD have liked it, with most preferring Part 2 to Part 1.  I agree: Part 1 is mostly set-up, and takes its sweet time doing so (not necessarily a bad thing, but requires some patience from the reader).  People have complimented me on the characters and the “world-building,” telling me that both seem very real, and I’m happy for that: verisimilitude is important to me.


I never expected DTD to be a bestseller or set the world on fire, but I’m proud to have published what I (and many others) think is a well-written story.  So now, a year later, I can put DTD to bed and focus all my efforts on writing and promoting my next book, Lost Dogs.



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