getting “lost”

It’s a new year and I’m working on a new writing project, Lost Dogs.  It’s not a sequel to Dragontamer’s Daughters: it’s a science-fiction novel set in the present on Kent Island, MD (where I live).  It’s not only about dogs, it’s written from the perspective of Buddy, a German Shepard:


Buddy can’t see the Rumbler—it’s too far away for his Eyes—but he can hear it and he knows something’s wrong.  It’s not high enough, and it’s coming too fast, and it shrieks like an angry Other, not making its usual low, soothing Noise.  And then it screams past, almost too fast to see, Hot and Black spewing from it, right over the In where Buddy lives, and there’s a THOOOOOOOOM that fills the whole Everything, too loud for Buddy’s pointed Ears, and he barks, NO NO NO NO NO! into the uncaring blue Empty above him.  And then the Yellow under him shakes as what’s left of the Rumbler smashes into the big Wet not far away.


I started writing Lost Dogs in 2011, and have several chapters drafted.  I took a break from it through most of last year to publish and promote DTD.  My goal is to self-publish it in summer or fall (with cover art by the amazing James Arnold, who did DTD), and then submit it to literary agents and publishers.  I also plan to offer it at book festivals in the fall and next year. 


DTD is a 600-page, middle grade/young adult novel; I’m thinking Lost Dogs will be 300 pages or less, and while its theme will resonate mostly with young adults, it won’t be kid-centric like DTD is.  I’ll have more about Lost Dogs in future blog posts, and when it gets closer to publication, I’ll let you know.  


  Buddy and Audrey, one of his Belongings






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