big week for dtd

There’s a lot going on for Dragontamer’s Daughters this week:


  • On Tuesday, December 4 (today), I’m listing DTD on John Scalzi’s Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2012.  Scalzi, an award-winning sci-fi writer and bestselling author, has, for the second year in a row, graciously loaned out his popular blog (aptly named, “Whatever“) for other authors to promote their works during the holidays.  Why?  Because he’s just cool like that.
  • On Thursday, December 6, Wattpad is going to spotlight DTD Part 1: Pearl as one of their featured stories.  Wattpad is a site where readers can download free stories, with most of its visitors using their phones to do so.  I won’t gain any direct revenue from Wattpad, but I’m hoping that readers will like Part 1 and want to buy Part 2 (probably as an e-book for Nook or Kindle).     
  • On Friday, December 7, I’m joining six other Eastern Shore authors at a book signing at Bridges Restaurant in Grasonville, MD.  The event has had some local press (see below; click on the image for a larger view), and I’m hoping for a large turnout.
  • Also this week, Naomi Blackburn at the blog A Book and a Review will most likely post her take on DTD Part 2: Stormcaller.  She really liked Part 1, so I’m hoping that she’ll enjoy Part 2.


So, yeah, big doings this week.  And next week, I’ll enter DTD in the 2013 Annapolis Book Festival.  More about that later.




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