great. now i HAVE to send them some money.

I got my Master’s Degree in English Lit at Washington College in Chestertown, MD in 1992 and every year since, they’ve been sending me junk mail asking for donations.  I’ve never given anything: my thought has always been, “I paid you tuition; you handed me the degree; we’re done.” 


But that may have to change, seeing as how WC was kind enough to mention my little writing project in their latest alumni mass-email:



George’s Summer Reading List

With no students to watch over or wafts of food from the dining hall to enjoy, with no Frisbee games to oversee or picnics on the green to entertain him, George has spent most of the summer with his nose in a book while he waits anxiously for fall classes to begin.  Of course, George most enjoys works written by his alumni family!  Some of his most recent favorites have been about…



Although George isn’t often pegged as a young adult fantasy kind of guy, he loved Dragontamer’s Daughters, the first novel written by Kenton Kilgore M’92. This story, available in paperback and for Kindle on, is for readers who want something different than a typical fantasy novel. Think “Little House on the Prairie,” but with dragons. The story is intended for girls in middle school, but boys, older teens, and adults will get plenty out of it too.


Well, if the Father of Our Country (and one of the founders of WC) likes DTD, then I guess I’ll be writing out a check.  Although I hope Saint Francis doesn’t hear about this and want a donation, too: I already send his college enough of my money for my daughter’s tuition.


Edit: Here’s a link to WC’s Rose O’Neill Literary House, with the blurb for DTD. 


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