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a peek at “stray cats”

People have asked me what my next novel, Stray Cats, will be about.  Rather than tell you, let me show you:

Revised back cover

As I’ve mentioned before, Stray Cats is going to be a collection of interconnected stories set on different worlds.  Pimmi is the main character, but I can’t wait for you to meet the others.  Some characters from my previous novels make appearances, too, because all the stories are connected.

(Speaking of other books, if you though the monsters from This Wasted Land were scary, wait until you get a load of the Kurindans!)

Enough teasing for now: time for me to get back to work.  Check back here for more sneak peeks!

Kenton Kilgore writes killer SF/F for young adults and adults who are still young.  In his latest novel, This Wasted Land, high-school senior Alyx Williams learns that witches are real when one attacks her and her boyfriend Sam, dragging him off to a nightmare world where Alyx must go to get him back.  

Kenton is the author of Lost Dogs, the story of the end of the world as seen, heard–and smelled–by a dog.  He also wrote Dragontamer’s Daughters, like Little House on the Prairie…with dragons!  With Patrick Eibel, he created Our Wild Place, a children’s book about the joy to be found in exploring Nature.  Kenton also published Hand-Selling Books to help authors better their sales.   

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